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18 Fruits And Vegetables That Contain More Vitamin C Than Oranges


Vitamin C or also known as Ascorbic Acid is a water soluble vitamin. It has many health benefits including: boosting the immune system, lowering hyper tension, treatment of the common cold, treatment of cancer, curing cataract, preventing stroke, maintaining the elasticity of the skin, healing wounds and the list goes on and on.

That’s why vitamin C is very important for the body. Since the human body doesn’t produce vitamin C, we must receive it through food and other supplements.

When we hear vitamin C, the first thing that comes to our minds is of course oranges. That’s fine because oranges are indeed packed with vitamin C. More precisely, a small orange contains about 50 mg of vitamin C.

If we know that the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for adult women is 75 mg and for adult men the dose is 90 mg that means that if you consume only two oranges a day would be enough. But you need to be careful when consuming too much vitamin C, because the body can only store for about 2000 mg of vitamin C a day.

However, if you are not into oranges or you want to eat something different every day, here is a list of 18 fruits and vegetables which contain more vitamin C than oranges.



The kiwifruit originated from China and is now grown in tropical regions around the world. A cup of sliced, green kiwifruit provides you with 167 mg of vitamin C. You would have to eat nearly 1 ¾ cups of sliced oranges to get the amount of vitamin C that you’ll get in one cup of sliced kiwi.

Bell peppers


Both red and green bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. One medium red bell pepper contains 152 mg of vitamin C, while one medium green bell pepper contains 95.7 mg of vitamin C.


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