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Maisha Jewels Creation – The Power House of Fashion and Style in Ghana


Artzonegh.com was privileged to have Ms. Ruby Agbetsoamedo, the creator of “Maisha Designs” grant us an interview whiles she was on vacation strategizing for the year’s work.

Undeniably, Ms. Ruby is one of Ghana’s finest, upcoming dressmakers and a prodigy in designing garments. She seeks to defy the status quo, remain relevant and original in creating breath-taking and elegant dresses for both men and women”.

She spoke with great ardor about her work, the challenges she encounters as a designer and her ambitions. For some of her work check her social media handles:

Instagram: Maisha-jewel

Facebook: Maisha Jewels Creation.

Maisha J (5)
Ms. Ruby Agbetsoamedo -Creator of “Maisha Designs”

Artzonegh: Hello, thanks again for having us. Can we begin with you telling us about yourself and your brand?

Maisha J.C: My name is Ruby Agbetsoamedo. Brand name is MAISHA, self-employed doing what I love. I am mostly driven by my passion to do what I love, which is designing. I will say I have strength in being self-driven and self-motivated. Am able to draw on my own strength no matter the challenges I face. I’ll also say I have weaknesses; major amongst my weaknesses would thequest to attain excellence in all I do especially when it comes to my work.

Artzonegh:Would you say you are living your dream?  In terms of the career you path you have taken.

Maisha J.C: Oh yes! I have always aspired to be a designer, as a matter of fact, I was as young as  12 years when I started designing my own slippers, sewing my own little skirts and dresses with my mum’s sewing machine at home. So for me honestly, my art was always there. It has just improved.

Artzonegh:What are some of the materials you mostly work with? And has technological advancement made your work any easier?

Maisha J.C: I do work with all materials though, but polished cotton, chiffon and African prints stand out. Yes to technological advancements, I don’t think anyone in our industry will say otherwise. It has really informed me on divergent ideas from all over the world which I inculcate in my works.

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Maisha Jewels Creation

Artzonegh: Ideally, how long does it take to complete a work piece, secondly which platforms have you recently exhibited your creations?

Maisha J.C: It takes 48 hours which is 2 days to finish a well detailed design but just a day to finish a work piece mostly. I haven’t had any ground breaking platforms to showcase my work just yet but in the mean time I take advantage of social media; Facebook and Instagram on the other hand clients are great brand ambassadors too.

Artzonegh: Who/What do you draw inspiration from and which brand influences you positively?

Maisha J.C: As I stated earlier, I draw inspiration from myself ,a finished work piece inspires me a lot and urges me on, nature relaxes and rejuvenates my body and mind and soul, like am doing here at the moment. Vera Wang is an exceptional brand I admire.

Artzonegh: How do you blend the rich traditional Ghanaian designs with the latest trends in fashion in creating a garment, from a designer’s perspective?

Maisha J.C: I can’t exactly explain that but I’m certain my art best satisfies and answers your question more appropriately.

Artzonegh: I believe you are driven to put out quality and original African designs, what are some of the factors you consider?

Maisha J.C: I first and foremost look out for the quality of the material, consider the design to create making sure it best suits the client and material, and also ensure stitches and finishing are in place, I would say paying attention to detail has greatly affected the work I put out  which is lauded by the patrons as well.

Artzonegh: Is art significant to the socio-economic development of Ghana?

Maisha J.C: Oh yes it definitely significant. Through the encouragement of making and buying made in Ghana products, the economy grows. People like myself in arts and design get to be self-employed taking some burden off the already unemployment problems in the country. And also through arts people are united. A peaceful country is a stable country. A stable country attracts investors thereby growing the economy socially and economically.

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Maisha Jewels Creation

Artzonegh: Are there moments you regret being a designer?

Maisha J.C: Not at all

Artzonegh: What are some of major challenges you have to deal with?

Maisha J.C: The first as we all know is the power outages, which I believe at presently is a thing of the past; it was a major setback which limits my production. I equally face the challenge of unavailability of tools and materials. And there is my personal challenge of always wanting to be excellent at what I do and making my work always stands out.

Artzonegh:  Can you outline your vision for the industry and what the worlds expect from you in a couple of years?

Maisha J.C: To become one of the most influential designers of my time and to be a power house of fashion and style. The world should expect creative designs and the Maisha brand competing on the global stage.

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Maisha Jewels Creation

Artzonegh: We appreciate your time and the ideas you shared with us and hope to do this another time.

Maisha J.C: The pleasure is all mine, my doors are always open.

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Maisha Jewels Creation
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