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Street Pastors Fight Over Collection In Kumasi

Two street pastors in Kumasi on Wednesday afternoon engaged in a fist-fight over collection they have manage to gather from the crowd they have earlier been preaching to.


It was very interesting to witness this hilarious fist-fight between the two preachers who were exchanging blows infront of the bunch crowd at the street of the Central Business District of Kumasi.

The two were spotted exchanging heavy blows to the admiration and enjoyment of those who were around including market women who ever wondered why the supposed Men of God who always share the word of God could turn a dumb ear to their religious beliefs to engage in a street fight like that.

A report revealed that the two men of God, Evangelist Samuel Kwame Boateng, and Evangelist Kwame Poku earlier engaged in a verbal war after a preaching customer dropped some money in the collection bowl of the other leaving the other empty-handed.

Unsatisfied with the discrimination action, they started throwing an insult at each other, later turned to brawl, to physical activity, and to the worse, they turned the scene to a boxing arena.

Some onlookers tried to solve the situation but to no avail, when the situation appeared to be getting out of hands as both appeared to be on their fighting heat, some strong men intervened and whisked them to separate directions.

It was later gathered that one of them has been consistently raining curses,  insulting, casting insinuations, issuing threats on the other until he finally lost his temper leading to that heavy fist-fight.

Source: ghpage.com

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